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This is probably the best line in the entire trilogy.

This is the best line in the trilogy.

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Ugh, I want all of this to be true.  I want for her narrative to have been thoughtful and smart and that ^^^ this could have been Padme.  That this disgust and anger was her drive curdled from the idealism and dedication and service she put forth.  And in another story, it would have been.  She wouldn’t have been a 14 year old queen (they aged her down when Lucas found Jake Lloyd, and I feel SO BAD FOR THAT KID); her power and competence and intelligence would have been a focus.  But, as much as I love rationalizing this narrative into something I can tolerate (Attack of the Clones makes me physically ill when it comes to the Padme/Anakin “love story”, and did so in the fucking theater) the above tag-ladden narrative DIDN’T HAPPEN.  It should have.  God, it should have.  This political turn?  BRILLIANT.  But it was a beautiful bit of artistry tagged onto a crumbling, unpleasant foundation.  All of these characters deserved better.  They deserved thoughtfulness and care.  Padme chief among them.

And no.  Her potential and her narrative wasn’t bound by already set pillars.  Hell, one of those - that she was with Leia on Alderaan and could be remembered - was retconned and thrown out.  Lucas - the writer and producer - made active choices and chose the narrative where she gave up because Anakin left her.

Because this Padme ^^^  WOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN UP. Especially if she had two children.  She didn’t give up at any other time.  There was fallout to face and work to do and a fucking rebellion to be run.  And while it would have been interesting as hell if she DID give up and it was explicitly stated in the narrative that her heartsickness and soul-destruction WAS because of the shape of the galaxy, I WOULD BE DOWN.  Or if she just disappeared and ran off to save the galaxy from itself and plan a rebellion or even participate?  YES.  GIVE IT TO ME.

But that’s not what happened.  That’s not how the narrative was structured.  It was explicitly implied that she gave up because of Anakin’s betrayal.  Which is bullshit and fucked, and I hate it so much.  And I will mentally retcon the shit out of it (I am of the opinion that Anakin Forced the relationship with Padme from AotC through all of this and did some major fucking damage to her brain and mind, and said brain and mind were conditioned to rely on Anakin’s Force support and when he got too weak during the bit where he was KICKED INTO A VOLCANO I LOVED THAT BIT FOREVER , he didn’t have the energy or ability to keep that up and she died due to said damage), but that doesn’t change the fact that, no.  Movie language and implication didn’t give her that motivation.  It didn’t allow for that.

make me choose: joffersbaratheon asked Joffrey Baratheon or Ramsay Snow

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I had my eyes opened. I came to realize that I had more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. 

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"What’s up y’all punkass bitches, I’m Jonah Ryan."

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